Thursday, October 9, 2008

A nice place to visit.

Here are a few from where Alison and I used to live. I don't miss it, but I do sort of miss the restaurants.

Our laundromat. Many of the machines didn't work. The dryers were full of baked-on gum, and sometimes the little black buttons didn't work, causing them not to start. Once I walked in to find one of the washer drains overflowing soapy water all over the floor. It was close to where we lived, but not as close as the machines in the basement are in our new house.

My bike parked in the little patch of lawn outside. One of Alison's wheels was stolen from out here, probably because some inexperienced thief thought it looked expensive. To the thief, I hope the hit felt really good.

No parking! Parking was pretty bad around there. Usually we could park somewhere on our block, but Alison had a few late nights coming home from work, searching for a spot, parking, and then walking a few blocks home.

Living in a house makes me so happy sometimes.

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